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Total Connect Video Services

Total Connect Video Services

View what you want, when you want!

Honeywell’s “Total-Connect” remote video service is a perfect fit for your active life because it's video security that goes with you, letting you enjoy extra mobility with supervision without ever compromising safety or peace of mind.

Use your desktop, laptop, iPad, or smart phone to remotely view simple plug-in wireless cameras. Total-Connect can send e-mail (and Text) alerts when motion is detected by any one of up to six cameras plus can send snapshots of what caused the motion!
For example, you can set Total-Connect to send you pictures of your main entrance only on weekdays when motion is detected, and in seconds you get a text alert and you can see who entered the area.

Bonus: These video clips and snapshots can be saved and viewed later on a secure website.

Now you can simply:

  • Check on the baby sitter (nanny-cam)
  • School aged kids returning home
  • Elderly parents living at home
  • Check on pets, teenagers & workers.
  • View real-time and past activity on your porch, driveway and back yard.
  • Check on employees and business activity in real time.

 * Also available are PT (Pan & Tilt) cameras and the new outdoor infrared (see in the dark) cameras.

Login to Total Connect 1.0 or Total Connect 2.0.

* Call us for more detailed information, to schedule an estimate, or for a review of your present system. Please also visit our "Library" for a printable documentation or "Click Here" to request a call back.
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