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Press Release

Electronix Systems Offers A Tiny & Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracker

Electronix Systems Offers A Tiny & Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracker

Electronix Systems, a leading security services provider for the greater New York metro area, is excited to offer the latest in vehicle-powered GPS devices. The u-TRAQ auto GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles by UpLink, is a small vehicle-powered GPS device that simply plugs into a car or truck's computer port (found on the bottom edge of the dashboard of most vehicles manufactured since 1996).

With its ease of use and portability, the u-TRAQ auto can also be switched between vehicles to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

"There are so many reasons why our Electronix Systems customers should purchase one - or several", said George Natale, General Manager of Electronix Systems. "From locating teen or elderly drivers or following up on a late delivery from a commercial vehicle, the UpLink auto GPS Tracking Device is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial customers".

By eliminating installation challenges found in traditional tracking devices, the u-TRAQ auto GPS Tracking Device simply plugs into the vehicle's OBD port under the steering column. The u-TRAQ auto GPS Tracking Device offers additional benefits for tracking by locating / monitoring teen and elderly drivers; locating and recovering missing vehicles; managing company vehicles and employees more efficiently and; monitoring for unauthorized use of vehicles.

The u-TRAQ auto GPS Tracking Device features:

  • Locate vehicles and drivers with online maps, street address and history - even if the vehicle is off!
  • Manage employee start and end times
  • Set up 3 Alert Zones and get an email or text alerts when a vehichle enters and leaves your specified areas
  • Get email or text alerts when a vehicle exceeds your specified speed limit

The u-TRAQ auto GPS Tracking Device is available now from Electronix Security. Download our product sheet or call George or Lauren at Electronix Systems Central Station Alarms to purchase your own u-TRAQ auto devices at 631-271-4000.

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About Electronix Systems:
Electronix Systems [www.electronixsystems.com ] has been serving security markets in the greater NY metro area for 40 years. Through all these years, our goal has been to earn the trust of our customers, while specializing in life safety and property protection technology. We are determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after the sale. We understand that long-term customer satisfaction depended on our ability to maintain a knowledgeable and courteous customer service staff, assisted by the best support systems. Our philosophy is summed up in our company's mission statement: "Protecting the quality of life on Long Island".

* Call us for more detailed information, to schedule an estimate, or for a review of your present system. Please also visit our "Library" for a printable documentation or "Click Here" to request a call back.
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