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Telephone Solutions

Telephone Solutions

Are you ready for a Digital Telephone System?
Let Electronix Systems design a system for your home or business today! Electronix Systems is a factory Certified Dealer for Panasonic's Digital Hybrid IP-PBX systems. Panasonic Digital IP-PBX based KX-TDE systems offer unparalleled features and flexibility for both home and business use at an affordable cost.

Panasonic’s Expandable Digital Telephone Systems can include the following:

  •   Automated attendants.
  •   Individual line mapping.
  •   Individual voice mail messages can be automatically forwarded to specific e-mail addresses.
  •   Record conversations easily with the touch of a button and automatically save them to your voice mail.
  •   Custom Hunt groups.
  •   Digital voice mail capability with options for paging, music, portable extensions and more!
  •   An affordable service contract.

Panasonic's KX-TDE product lines offers system expansion as needed by plugging in additional cards and telephone(s). Both the KX-TDE100 and KX-TDE200 Digital Hybrid IP-PBX systems have an IP enabled option allowing the user to make Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone calls over WAN and LAN networks. In addition to being a traditional wired PBX system, all KX-TDA systems have the option of adding Multi-Cell wireless system expansion, providing large area wireless telephone communications coverage.

  •  KX-TDE 50 - 1 to 12 lines, up to 24 extensions.
  •  KX-TDE100 - 96 ports, Up to 64 lines, up to 64 extensions.
  •  KX-TDE200 - 192 ports, Up to 128 lines, up to 128 extension.
  •  KX-TVE50/200 - Digital Voice Processing Systems.

 Your phone system is your life line.
As a UL Listed Central Station, a full featured telephone system is a crucial part of our business, so we could not rely on overpriced or understaffed telephone dealers to maintain our system. After extensive training we now install expandable Panasonic digital phone systems. With over 92 employees we can better design, install and service a Panasonic Digital Phone System for you. Don’t trust your essential communications to anything less to a 24 hour, fully staffed professional. We wouldn't !


 * Call us for more detailed information, to schedule an estimate, or for a review of your present system.  Please also visit our "Library" for a printable documentation or "Click Here" to request a call back.

40 Years of Service to the Metro New York Area
For 40 years Electronix Systems has been providing security related services throughout the New York Metro area. Electronix employs an extensively trained staff of installation and service personal to meet all of your security related needs.

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